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New Clip Type Spark Plug Sockets
·The spark plug sockets to work simplify that are compatible for numerous cars, trucks, motorcycle, and other engines
·The 12-point opening with thin wall and the 6-point opening exactly fits the nut of a spark plug, and locking extensions allow you to reach deep into spark plug wells
·The patent retaining spring firmly grips the nut of plugs don't worry about magnet failure or rubber grommet falling
·Chrome vanadium steel with mirror polish finish for easy cleanup and laser etched sizes on each bit for easy identification
Item No Drver S L D
27A1112 3/8" 5/8" 65 22
27A1114 13/16" 65 28
27A1146 薄壁16mm 65 20.6
27A1116 16mm 65 22
27A1119 21mm 65 28
27A1512 1/2" 5/8" 65 22
27A1514 13/16" 65 28
27A1546 薄壁16mm 65 20.6
27A1516 16mm 65 22
27A1519 21mm 65 28